This morning we took a short walk (maybe 15 minutes) to a park nearby. There is nice small hill to ride a sled so there we went. Kids took some ice from the eaves of the storage roof. Our daughter shows proudly her huge icicle!


This picture is not tilted, but she was standing on the hill..


Here the guys are coming downhill. Our son always wants to pull the sled.

The hill was really slippery. I wonder why the workers of our municipality add sand when it's not needed and then not when needed...


There is small river really close to our home. Even during the coldest winter the stream is strong enough to keep the water free from ice, at least in few parts.


Nature makes nice forms.


Like a heart...

You can see partly the really old bridge that is for cars..


This is something I never understan! WHY do people have to be so stupid and throw things into the river? (Can you see the bike?)


Snow making a form of a skull to the bush under.


She and her icicle.


He was throwing the rest of the ice down to the river. How exciting is that?


Spring is arriving slowly...


When we were at the park I forgot to take any pics because I was so busy chatting with people! But kids had a blast!!